Cbs reality dating show 3

At the end of it, the girls of ‘3’ decided if they thought Jo E was going to be the man they fall in love with. He immediately booked his flight to Toronto to meet his team for their hockey tournament that night.

It would be about a month later when he learned everything had gone through and they wanted him to be a part of the show, and onset, in the suburbs of Chicago, in early June to “meet the girls”.

On Sunday night, opposite NBC’s Olympics coverage, the second episode fell to a 0.5 in the demo with 1.65 million.

CBS’ other reality show, from the schedule effective immediately.

With it being a brand-new format, there’s no telling what the setup might be.

It’s possible you’ll be able to catch Jo E as part of the “rejected” group, if they show participants who didn’t make the cut.

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