Baseball metaphor to dating

Listed as a "protest" song."Badman's Song", Tears For Fears Actually, this song is about Roland's reaction to a conversation he overheard between some of the roadies on the Big Chair tour.

Apparently their party was keeping him up, and he was about to call their room to tell them to shut up when he pressed his ear to the wall and overheard them slagging him off.

Radar technology was at its height, as it could detect anything in the sky..anything except a balloon; a balloon that could trigger nuclear war."Abacab", Genesis I was watching MTV unplugged or Pop-up video, and to hear Phil Collins tell it the title for this song had to do with the band members trouble playing the bridge.

Finally the only way they could remember it was to sing the actual notes: A-B-A-C-A-B and hence the song got a name."All I wanna do is make love to you", Heart This song is about a married woman who can't conceive with her husband so she goes about having one night stands with strangers to get herself preggers.

My girlfriend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry. Let me go on, big hands-I know you're the one.""Blister in the Sun", Violent Femmes I'm not entirely sure if I'm accurate with this, but I think Blister in the Sun is about a lot more than masturbation.

Hence the line, "Here's to the boys back in 628, where an ear to the wall was a twist of fate.""Behind The Crooked Cross", Slayer This song, if you listen to the lyrics, is all about how wars are fought in the name of God.

After a life of being told "thou shall not kill" and "killing is wrong" in time of war you're told it's okay to kill the enemy for your country and for your God, even though it is still wrong."Blister In The Sun", Violent Femmes This is yet ANOTHER song about masturbation.

I've always loved this song and have oftentimes wondered what it's talking about."Angel of Death", Slayer This song is about the atrocities causes during WWII by a Nazi doctor named Josef Mengele.

Reading the lycrics tells you the horrors he created.

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